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Tropical Storm Isaias Resources

Power Outage Map & Reporting Information


If you have vehicles parked in flood-prone areas, the City parking lot at Hancock and New (across from First Presbyterian) is available and it's recommended to move your vehicles there.

Recommended Supplies List

Local shops to purchase last-minute supplies:

City Support

The following locations are available starting at 7PM for citizens living in low lying areas prone to flooding who have nowhere else to relocate to: 1. Havelock High School (101 Webb Blvd, Havelock) 2. Ben D. Quinn Elementary (4275 Martin Luther King Blvd, New Bern) *Pet Friendly* 3. Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary (2000 Farm Life Ave, Vanceboro)

Currently storm surge is expected to be 2 to 4 feet so there is a potential for some low lying area flooding.

The City has sand and sand bags available for residents use at the City lot on the corner of Craven and South Front St and the Stanley White Recreation Center parking lot.  There will be approximately 100 bags at each location.

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