The HDRA board decided to change membership dues collections for the 2022 membership year. The Resident Household Membeship dues are $30 and the Business Friends Membership dues are $25 for the 2022 calendar year.  Dues for both classes of membership are payable in December and January. 

All members should fill out the membership form online so that we have current information for the upcoming directory.

Dues can be paid online via PayPal or Credit Card or a check can be mailed to HDRA,

PO Box  442, New Bern NC, 28563.

Membership is open to all homeowners, both resident and non-resident, and year-round tenants of residential properties in the District. Former residents of the District may maintain their membership as "Friends" of HDRA. Owners/operators of businesses in the District may also qualify for membership as "Friends" of HDRA.

For new members in 2022, please submit an online membership application with dues payment. Thank you!



HDRA membership gives you the opportunity to connect with your neighbors. You'll receive a directory of other members, invitations to our events, and be kept up-to-date on community news.


HDRA is an all-volunteer organization and your involvement can make a difference!  Volunteer to become a committee member or assist with any of our upcoming events.


By becoming a HDRA member you'll receive social media shout-outs, HDRA sponsored events, and other promotions that support your local business.