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The Historic Downtown Residents Association (HDRA) is a neighborhood residents association, organized in 1997 and incorporated in 1999. 


HDRA's goal is to promote a close-knit community and to preserve the unique historic character of our downtown area. 

We are a non-profit, member-supported, volunteer organization that provides a unified voice for our members and works diligently to protect, preserve, and improve our community.




Since we're an all-volunteer organization, your involvement can make a difference. Consider volunteering as a committee member or if you don't have a lot of time, consider assisting us during one of our events. Whatever your interest, HDRA has an opportunity for you!


Dottie Corning


Vice President

Jim Polo



Jessica Conard



Kumi Anzalone

Appearance Committee

Mike Woika

The Appearance Committee actively collaborates with a wide array of local organizations and groups, including the NB Parks & Recreation, the NB Appearance Commission, the NB Historic Preservation Commission, various Garden Clubs, Master Gardeners, Garden Centers, Tryon Palace, the Preservation Foundation, and the Historical Society. This collaborative effort is dedicated to beautifying and preserving the unique aesthetic and historical character of our community. By working together, the committee leverages expertise, resources, and volunteer efforts to enhance public spaces, promote historical preservation, and foster a deep sense of pride and community involvement among residents.


Government Liaison / Relations Committee

Maria Cho

The Government Liaison / Relations Committee serves as the pivotal link between our organization and key municipal entities and local businesses. This includes establishing and maintaining productive relationships with Downtown Businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, the New Bern Administration, the New Bern Board of Aldermen, and department heads across various sectors such as Development Services, Engineering/Water & Sewer, Fire Rescue, Police, and Public Works, as well as with New Bern's Boards & Commissions. Through these strategic partnerships, the committee aims to facilitate effective communication, coordinate on community projects, and advocate for policies and initiatives that benefit both our members and the broader New Bern community.

Communications Committee

Mark Ulrey

The Communications Committee is all about keeping the conversation going and making sure everyone in the HDRA family, plus those thinking of joining us, stays in the loop. We’re the friendly voices behind the emails, social media buzz, website updates, and event shout-outs, working hard to make sure you're always up to speed and feeling part of the action. It’s our job to keep you connected, informed, and ready to jump into all the great things we’ve got going on.

Membership Committee

Dave Callender

The Membership Committee is dedicated to both retaining our current members and strategically increasing our membership base, including the integration of businesses into our community. This involves implementing targeted outreach initiatives, developing valuable member benefits, and creating engaging programs that cater to the diverse needs and interests of all members, from individuals to corporate entities. Our goal is to build a thriving and inclusive community, enhancing the value and appeal of HDRA membership through continuous engagement, support, and development opportunities.

Nominating Committee

Bob Kingsbury

The Nominating Committee is integral to the governance and future direction of the HDRA, with a primary responsibility for identifying and vetting potential candidates for the Board of Directors. This involves a thorough process of scouting for individuals who exhibit strong leadership qualities, align with the HDRA's mission and values, and possess the skills necessary to contribute effectively to the organization's strategic objectives. By ensuring a slate of competent and diverse candidates, the committee aims to facilitate informed and democratic elections, thereby fostering a dynamic and effective leadership team for the HDRA.


Jon Miller
Plays a crucial role in ensuring a warm and welcoming experience for new residents by curating personalized welcome packages designed to make their transition into the community as smooth as possible. Our mission is to cultivate a sense of belonging and community engagement, ensuring every resident feels valued and connected from the moment they arrive.

Social Committee

Kelly Hudgins

Works with owners/operators of businesses, restaurants, and other venues in designing, organizing, and executing a diverse range of programs and events tailored specifically for the HDRA membership community. This includes the strategic planning of annual calendars, ensuring a mix of educational, recreational, and networking events that cater to the broad interests of our members. Our goal is to foster a vibrant community spirit, facilitate meaningful connections among members, and enhance their association experience through engaging and memorable activities.


John Phaup

Quarterly feature newsletter

HDRA Notes is your go-to quarterly newsletter that brings the heart and soul of New Bern's historic district right to your web browser. With a mix of the latest news and deep dives into the stories of the people who have shaped our community, both past and present, it's designed to connect, inspire, and inform. From spotlighting current residents making a difference to uncovering the legacies of historical figures, "HDRA Notes" is where our rich heritage meets the vibrant pulse of today's community activities and achievements. It's not just a newsletter; it's a celebration of our shared history and the individuals who continue to make our district a truly special place to call home.


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