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2023 HDRA Member Survey

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Hello Members!

As HDRA evolves beyond Hurricane Florence and the COVID pandemic, the Board of Directors is revisiting HDRA’s Mission (purpose) and wants to make certain it reflects our member’s current needs and interests. As part of this initiative, we are conducting a membership survey so our HDRA community may help to inform the process…

We would love to know how you feel and we value your input!

The eight questions will take about 10 minutes to complete, so grab a beverage and share your best ideas for the future of HDRA:

  • We plan to read every comment - responses will be analyzed and the data will be reported during our November 6th, 2023 General Membership meeting.

  • We truly appreciate your insight and your time

  • Click here to enter the survey!

The survey will close November 1st, 2023 so please take the time to complete it…you are providing HDRA with information that will help make a difference!

Thank you,

Maria Cho

HDRA Board of Directors

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תגובה אחת

My name is Jeanette Ray, and my husband Mike and I own the house at 515 Queen St.

I paid membership dues online in Jan or Feb(I can't remember exact date), and I haven't

heard from anyone to confirm my membership.

My email is

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