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General Membership Meeting

We will kick off 2020 with our quarterly members meeting on Monday, January 13, in the public library auditorium.

Because of a televised football game at 8:00, we will begin our social gathering at 6:30, and our speaker Matt Schelly will begin at 7:00. Matt is a city planner who is the city's advisor to the Historic Preservation Commission. He will speak on his observations of current issues facing the HPC, with tips as to how best present a proposal. We will have limited time for questions. Please send questions to me at, by noon Friday, and I will pass them on. In the interest of time, he will not be able to address questions unique to a particular property-such questions can best be addressed by meeting with Matt at his office.

Around 7:30, we will begin our business meeting, primarily to elect new directors.

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