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For 2021, we pledged to communicate with andengage our members and to establish general operating tools to provide continuity for the incoming board from year to year. Some challenges due to COVID-19 restrictions have eased but others remain with us. As we come into the homestretch, we are making great progress on our goals.

Current projects 2021

Membership project - With the recent real estate market activity in Downtown homes, the board recognized the need for a campaign to reach out to potential new members. The HDRA yard signage that you see on the street seems to be effective and has encouraged the enrollment of a number of new members.

Newsletter - A lot goes on in our neighborhood that requires more than a quick email. Newcomer stories, renovations, photos, activities, and general interest features are covered in an electronic newsletter published quarterly by HDRA and now shared on the HDRA website. Many thanks to John Phaup for driving this effort.

Historical Shadowboxes - The shadowbox historical signage is a feature on many homes in Downtown. HDRA is cooperating with the New Bern Historical Society to provide the shadowboxes for a small fee to homeowners where the historical context of the home can be verified. Contact Suzanne Ruff at

Future projects 2021

Social event - At last we can congregate in public! HDRA announces the Neighbors on the Neuse BBQ from 4-7 PM at the river end of Johnson Street, October 3, 2021. We can enjoy an outdoor event featuring all the fun you would expect from a picnic and doubling as a general membership meeting.

Directory- Our goal is to update the three-year-old printed directory and include an electronic directory file to the general membership. We’ll be contacting you via email to get permission to use the contact information you have given us in the directory.

Update website – We have started the updating of our website and social media with the help of Bear City Impact, one of our Business Friends. If there are things you think would improve our website, please send an email to Mike Ruff .

We know you all have great ideas about how to improve our Downtown community. We’d love to hear them. Please contact a board member and give us some feedback.

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